Monday, June 16, 2008

Recent developments in the pharmaceutical world have suddenly made Ranbaxy-an Indian pharma major, the apple of discord between Pfizer and Daiichi Sankyo- the other two pharma major of the world. Just one day after the news of Japanese company Daiichi Sankyo taking over 34.8% stakes of the promoters of Ranbaxy, there comes the news of a hostile bid for the other 65% Non-promoters stake by the largest pharma company of the world- Pfizer. Daiichi was willing to pay 31.4% premium to get the whole 34.8% shares held by the family promoters and add 20 % shares from the public. But now comes the twist in the tale. Pfizer which had negotiated with the Indian major last year unsuccessfully, may now bid for 41.3% stakes from the institutions and 21.2% from the individual shareholders. So, now Ranbaxy has become the Apple in which everyone wants to have a bite!.
Now the biggest and most interesting question which arises is WHY? Why a company of the stature of Pfizer would want so desperately to buy a company which have no major patented drugs to its name? What is the profit these companies are looking for in buying a company which only make generic /low cost versions of branded drugs?
The answers to the above questions are as interesting! Pfizer has maintained its lead in the pharmaceutical ground on the success of some of its patented drugs like Norvasc, Lipitor e.t.c. The patent rule allowed it to exercise monopoly on some life saving drugs for HIV and blood pressure. But, now Pfizer finds itself in an awkward position as its major patents are going to last till 2011 only like that of Lipitor and no major drugs are present in its pipeline which can maintain its position. Pfizer wants to increase the patent of lipitor by combining it with Norvasc. But, Ranbaxy seems to be determined in not allowing Pfizer get what it wants. Presently Ranbaxy is contesting legal battle with Pfizer in 17 countries over generic versions of patented drugs. Moreover, Ranbaxy is one of the major players in the Generic drugs market and can run away with all the booty because of its low cost and good quality. For an instance , HIV drug for one patient for one year costs approximately $10,000 for branded drugs as compared to the $ 100 for generic version from Ranbaxy.
Thus from the above facts, we can easily deduce the actual motive behind the rumoured hostile bid by Pfizer for Ranbaxy. The obvious reasons seems to be that Pfizer wants to kill the competition and hostility from Ranbaxy by buying it. The other reason can be that it wants to enter the generic market by utilising the Ranbaxy's low cost model. This is very much a possibility as other branded drug manufacturer like Nvartis have already entered the generic drug market, and Ranbaxy can help Pfizer establish a solid base for building a larger generic drug business.
So, now it will be very much interesting to see in which direction the ball will roll. One one hand the deal would mark a giant leap for the Japanese Sankyo to 12th position in pharmaceuticalfield with presence in over 56 countries, on the other It will mark the entry of a Branded major into Generic drug business. Whatever be the case, lets all hope that the generic drug business is not affected as this serves as a lifeline for many poor countries which can not afford the costly drugs made by companies like Pfizer.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

” Worth Studying at BIT, Mesra”

Hi Guys,
Now that the much awaited results of AIEEE is out and the counseling season is about to begin...the next biggest problem that arises in front of the students is which colleges they would be getting according to their AIR( All India Rank) and which college to go for…
I hope my post could solve some of their problems… To start with, I am an Ex student of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi and I think I could give the real picture of the college. As far as Engg is considered, the courses that are offered here are:-
1) Computer Sciences
2) Information Technology
3) ECE
4) EEE
5) Mechanical Engg
6) Production Engg
7) Polymer Engg
8) Civil Engg
9) Biotechnology
10) Pharmaceutical Sciences
Apart from these Bachelor in Architecture and many Post graduate programmes are being offered here. Let’s start with the first question that comes to the mind of all the students on hearing a college’s name and that is” THE PLACEMENTS” …Stop worrying for the placements if you are at BIT Mesra..The placements here are mind blowing though not as the IITs but not even less than that!!! The students are offered more than 3 jobs ( 300% placements) and that too in world’s leading MNCs
Most of the Fortune Five Hundred Companies like Microsoft, Hp, Google, Oracle, Goldman sachs , Dell, Patni, TCS, CTS, Infosys, IOCL etc etc the list is endless, come to the campus and hire students in bulk with a very decent package of around 5L...Microsoft even offers around 10L apart from other benefits. The students have opportunities not only in the Private sectors but also in the Govt sector. But let me tell you one thing this is not the case for all the branches. Branches like Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, B.Arch are still lagging behind as far as the placements are concerned. About 80% pharmacy students get placed at a very average salary with a general designation of Medical Rep, some go in production with an annual salary of less than 2L and the rest 2% of the students are absorbed by any IT companies. Same is the condition of Bio tech students, 10% students are placed in IT companies and the rest have to look for Off campus. For Architecture there is NO placement and the poor students who have devoted their 5years get nothing in return. But I must say the situation is improving year after year.
If we talk about the Infrastructure and Hostel facilities, they are damn good. The best thing about BIT is its greenery .The Institute is spread in many acres with greenery all around. The Institute has a very rich library with a huge number of books. There are separate hostels for boys and girls (which are actually too much separated). Single rooms are allotted to the first year students under the strict supervision of the higher management, to avoid ragging. I must say there is practically no ragging at BIT, the correct word is Interaction (Condition is somewhat like this that the seniors are afraid of the juniors and try to maintain a distance with their junior batches. For the Girl candidates, there are two Hostels-8&9. Hostel 8 is only for the freshers and Hostel 9 is for the senior batches. The hostel is extremely safe from all points and is under the direct supervision of the Hostel Warden. The only problem is that of the IN TIME.All the girl students have to be inside their respective hostels before 6:30PM!!!
Coming to the examination at BIT, Mesra: The entire course is completed in 8 semesters and each semester consists of a MID SEM (Mid Semester) and an END SEM (End Semester) apart from the Lab End Sems and Viva which are frequently taken. Mid Sem is cool because a TUTE SHEET is given and you are guaranteed with 4Questions, but the real terror is the END SEM when the syllabus seems to never ending. But again not to worry, there is a Xerox shop nearby. One more thing, don’t ever dare to bring a “CHUTKA” for the exams because if you are caught, believe me my friend you are gone for a semester…
So friends grab the opportunity if it comes your way and be a part of the BIT Family. I am proud to be a BITIAN …..Are you???
To summarize:-
Things to be appreciated at BIT:
1) Infrastructure
2) Placements
3) Library and Wi-Fi facilities
4) Hostels
Things to be improved at BIT:
1) Placement of the Non- Engineering branches
2) Student’s Independence
And lastly the most important thing, while joining BIT Mesra don't think you are joining a college! It is a school . The amount of discipline and restrictions takes out a lot of fun. But the bottom line is in spite of these restrictions there are still enough fun to cherish for a lifetime!!
Best of luck.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Results of CBSE Aieee 2008 are out!

The fate of around 800000 students have been declared by CBSE this evening. All those who are looking for the site can go directly to the site by clicking on the following link.

Monday, June 2, 2008

This one is Only for you

I have an angel, who does not have wing,
Musical quintessence without any string.
Flowers bloom; but it is not spring!
Feeling regal; Am I in dream?

To be a canary one need not fly,
I found elixir when land was dry.
Bliss struck me without any try!
Will this vanish in a blink of an eye?

...........................To be continued

Friday, May 30, 2008

Awarding olympics to Beijing- A mistake

The above three picture tells the whole story of the coming Beijing Olympics and shows how wrong the IOC has gone in picking China as the host of the biggest sporting extravaganza of this planet. The Olympic games means different things to different people. To the athletes it represents the culmination of hard work and ambition , to keen followers of the game they represent competition of highest level, but to the host country it is an opportunity to showcase their country's might and means.

The International Olympics committee were myopic in their decision to grant China 2008 Olympics. They went on to appease an emerging super power with some 1.3 billion people but forgot the base that after all it is an sporting event and the country should be suitable for hosting games. There are basically two major reasons why the Games should not have gone to Beijing.

Firstly, Beijing is not technically fit to host such an event like olympics, which require a lot of endurence, due to its high level of pollution. The level of pollution is as high as 12 times the limit considered safe by WHO. Breathing in Beijing is harmful and holdig an atheletic event is like " feeding athelete with poison". this whole pollution issue is already taking its toll as in march Haile Gebrselassie, the world record holder in marathon and favoriete for gold medal has announced that that he will almost certainly not compete in that race and opt for a shorter distance to prevent long-term injury to his lungs. Some might consider it as a harsh decision, but some earlier events have shown how difficlt it is to compete in such conditions like the cycling race held recently in which all but 8 out of 47 cyclist drop midway due to air.In short, the IOC should not have chosen a city where athletes’ tolerance for particulates is a major factor in determining medals.

Since then beijing has produced results of decreasing pollution level. But the truth is that it has employed fraudulent techniques to show better results by moving the lab from city and others.To get a more clear picture following points should be noted.

1. According to the World Bank, 16 cities in the world with the worst air pollution are located in China.
2. The country’s Ministry of Science and Technology has estimated that 50,000 newborn babies a year die from the effects of air pollution.
3. China’s emissions of carbon dioxide, the most important global warming gas, are expected to surpass those of the United States in 2009, according to the International Energy Agency.

So, what china can do to bring down the pollution level is shut down industries and prohibit automobile usage. These extreme steps points to the second reason why the games should not have gone to china.
The communist party is obsessed with the idea of hosting a perfect Olympics and this has led to increase in repressive measures applied by the Chinese officials on the citizens. Some may argue that china have become more free from the time the games have been awarded to it. But the change is not due to the Olympics. As the Olympics are approaching, the government have become less tolerant and more coercive in its measures. The following points will highlight the condition of china.
1. They have shut down factories.
2. They have relocated 1.48 million people without their consent to make way for Olympic venues.
3. They have been systematically jailing citizens who question the hosting of the Games.
4. Visa restrictions on foreigners.
5. They are withdrawing permission for academic conferences and other long-planned events to ensure complete control over society.
Thus we see that the Olympics are becoming a showcase of violent repression and a means to control a dynamic population.
So, we can say that it was a mistake to grant Olympics to china on the technical as well as the political grounds.